Top Strategies to Rank High in Google

Top Strategies to Rank High in Google

Ranking high on Google is important for success of your businesses. Every business owner, big or small, who has a website should aim to rank high on google to attract more traffic, get more conversations and make more customers. Below is a list of strategies to help you get rank highly on Google.

Market your content

Content marketing is the most imperative SEO strategies you should use. At the core of this tactic is top-quality content which delivers a great amount of value. Engaging yourself into content marketing isn’t simple by any means, but this SEO strategy will assist you rocket nearly any of your listing to top of Google SERPs over time, provided that it is done in the right way. There is a very particular method to do this. You need to make sure that you build up relevant and similar content that is keyword specific on the authority sites and that your content has single link from authority website back to main anchor content.

Focus on AMP and mobile

Google has made rigorous push to mobile. Knowing that the mobile searches are far surpassing earlier desktop searches, it is no wonder that the search engine is so focused now on mobile. But, most people are behind the curve still when mobile is considered. Their websites load on desktop browsers properly, but not on tablets or mobile devices.

Use a responsive design now for your website, if you do not have one presently, to make sure that your website is optimized for the mobile devices.

Improve page speed

Your site’s page speed has a great influence on user’s experience. Slower-loading pages take the users away, while faster-loading pages help add users. Google is concerned acutely with user’s experience and enhancing the page speed tends to be one such method you can improve that experience drastically.

Use tools like GTMetric, Vervy’s Pages Speed or Google Page Sped to run insight and get suggestions on improving your website’s page speed.

Leverage power of videos

Every SEO strategy requires the power of videos marketing. Videos take content in the stratosphere because of video platforms popularity such as Vimeo and YouTube. Creating helpful tutorials and other helpful videos also are a great method to deliver great worth to people in multimedia format that is accessible easily to anyone with smartphone camera.

Create relevant videos to deliver the points made in a specific article on your website, and make sure that your description is keywords rich.

Be social

Authority is built over time, however, it also cannot be built unless you are social and engage with other people. In the starting, they won’t just come to you. Moreover, what you have likely seen is that it is very hard to rank a content at the beginning. That is because most of the newcomers have less age and less authority. So, you need to get there and create it.

You should be social, add worth to conversations, follow other people and take interests in what the other people are actually doing if you wish them to take interest in you.

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