Anybody who has registered their domain name ever can tell you there is no scarcity of people ready to sell you SEO services. While a business can work with SEO consultants , there is a lot you can do yourself to help your site rank higher in Google. If you want to have more control on your site’s marketing or your budget is not quite there yet, these DIY SEO tips can help you out.

Claim Google My Business Page listings.

This may seem a little fundamental for those with little marketing experience, however, you will be surprised on how many businesses have untaken Google My Business Page listing. Claiming, optimizing and completing Google My Business Page listing is important for getting ranked for the local keywords. That’s, keywords that concentrate on a particular spot.

Also, if you have been working from a particular location for quite long, Google will create a listing also for you. It is a great idea to claim the listing in order that you may modify the information out there, add your website and photos, and respond to reviews, former or present customers have left.

Check onpage optimization.

The onpage optimization basically is the procedure of changing your site in a manner that makes it simpler for search engines such as Google to understand. Search engines are able to read as well as understand your site has straight impacts of where you will end up in search results.

Though it’s simple to spend many hours talking about the right onpage SEO methods, the shorter version is having the keyword(s) that you wish to rank for within the headline, title, and meta descriptions of every page of your site.

Complete your social media profiles.

This one again is a bit basic, but you certainly should have your social media profiles completed for your company on all the key social media hubs. You should at least have a Twitter profile, Facebook page, Pinterest account, Google+ Profile and Instagram account.

Having your account on all these platforms builds up trust and shows search engines you are an actual business. It is also vital to ensure you’ve your site URL listed in profile of every account.

White label SEO service.

Did you know a good number of SEO professionals out there farm your work to the “white label” companies? Whether you think it’s ethical or not, it is a fact that a few consultants approaching to do your SEO work on will contract with other company simply to do the real work, and then put their logo on reports each month. This is known as white labelling.

Being a business owner, you can cut down the middleman and directly work with such white label providers, generally for a much lower price than what the SEO consultant will charge you.

Geotag photos.

One more hidden secrets of SEO world which goes a very long way to ranking for the local keywords is simply geotagging your photos. Search engines cannot see photos in same way like us. They need  extra help to know what is happening and where. Geotagging your photos on website, with address which matches address of your company’s physical location, is big trust signal for the search engines.

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