A Local SEO Expert to Boost your Visibility on Google

A Local SEO Expert to Boost your Visibility on Google

Local SEO, what is the reality?

You are a merchant, lawyer or a plumber in Birmingham and want to attract customers via your website. Thus, you would like to be well positioned on the search engines for your activities in this city. Similarly, you can select any location of the city or country. It is, therefore, necessary to carry out Local SEO work in order to achieve the objectives.

A good positioning in the search results means to appear on the first page and to stay there. For local SEO, this presence is not limited to the lists only; it is to be a part of the 3 results displayed by Google Maps. Your future customers will see your contact details, opening hours and the opinions of Internet users about you.

Why is it important?

Today, the majority of searches are for local location. People are looking for providers and businesses nearby and more than half of them call or visit the place within 24 hours. So it’s authentic that a local web strategy increases the sales significantly.

Also, even without a place specification in the search bar, Google automatically offers results located in the user’s geographic area through IP addresses, Google Accounts, and location on mobile phones.

Who needs it?

Normally, the local providers gain the benefits, generating locally targeted traffic. This is also better for large online stores and stores with subsidiaries or shops located in a given city.

Please note that local SEO is essential for better visibility on the web. Three basic criteria are important for a good local SEO.

It’s about registering your business by filling in your details. You have to give an address, a phone and exact information. Verification is required and is another criterion of relevance for this sheet. This registration makes it easier to find and to be included in Google Maps results.

Quality links:

Working on your local SEO means working with your neighbors. This involves placing links to your site on strategic sites and blogs. These may be bloggers in your city whose topics are related to your products/services or sites of local authorities and associations in the town or city. These official sites are an asset for your credibility with search engines.

The citations:

This is to mention the name of your brand and its contact information on third-party sites. You have to make sure to use the same elements every time because inconsistent information will only penalize you. It is, therefore, necessary to reproduce exactly the same address and the same active telephone number for the reception of calls.

Do not forget the classic processes:

Finally, even for local SEO, you must continue to optimize your pages. Regularly power your site with rich, consistent content by regularly inserting local keywords that combine your business and your location.

If you are looking for a SEO consultant to work on your local SEO, do not hesitate to contact our expert SEO agency!

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